About Coo-e

"An app for organisations to send push notifications and alerts about urgent notices, important events, reminders and real time incidents.

A challenge for today’s consumer is the incursion of information overload and urgent messages not being seen. The use of Coo-e app helps you jump to the front of the queue by allowing organisation to send alerts as a push notification to your lock screen so you don’t miss a thing.

An app for people who want to cut through the noise and received only for the communications they want.

Developed with the end user in mind – opt in and opt-out functionality puts the control to receive only the communication you want.

Coo-e supports you in being heard through the noise and being received in an instant. Coo-e is a simple and effective app and web-based tool which supports organisations, institutes, businesses, clubs, groups and not-for-profits to reach their community through a push notification in an instant.

Suitable for any organisation including, small business, corporates, clubs, schools, event and facilities management

Realtime notifications

Target communication to your audience

Coo-e app users have all their important notifications in one place

App features

Coo-e app is capable of sending out as many notifications to your stakeholders as you need

Quickly reach your members and keep them informed about important events

You determine how much information needs to be included in your notifications

You can track communications with notification receipts

App Features

Stakeholders "opt-in" to receive notifications

Real time notifications are pushed to your member's mobile device

App Features

With our secure admin portal you can manage your members with ease

Create sub-groups within your organisation and let your members get the information they need relevant to departments or teams

Link directly to your members calendar so important events and updates don't get missed

Your employees and members opt-in so you don't need to worry about managing phone numbers

App Features

Only your members or employees will receive customised alerts using our security features

All your important notifications are kept in one place

You can prioritise your notifications

Words from our customers...

Useful tools

Coo-e App users can create their own personal notice board

Events can be managed through the Integrated Calendar

Your stakeholders can be kept up to date with important, real time notifications

Receive real time confirmation of notifications

High priority message option for those critical notifications

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