Keeping you in the loop!

Posted on 14 Aug 2021 by

Janelle Donnelly , Co-Founder Coo-e

How can traffic incidents be better communicated?

Imagine you competed in dance and aerobics for your school, made it through to the national final and then got stuck on the freeway and missed your event? Well this actually happened on the weekend at the national school aerobics and dance competition on the Gold Coast. A number of teams were being transported from Brisbane to the Gold Coast when a major accident involving a chemical tanker blocked the M1 for seven hours.

We landed with my daughter at Brisbane airport and managed to catch a news report on the radio just as we were driving out of the airport towards the M1 in the rental car. Thankfully we took an alternative route and made it to the venue later than anticipated but at least we didn’t miss any events.

Sadly for many teams, they were stuck behind the accident for many hours. I have no doubt that technology can help us manage mishaps and in this case, major disruptions to the road network. I can’t help but think that the rental car company could have alerted us to the problem...after all, the situation had already been unfolding for several hours. There is a huge opportunity for road authorities, event organisers and business to reach out to their customers with better information such as Coo-e alerts and push notifications. Disruption is not an anomaly it is the norm....let’s embrace tools that keep us informed as events are unfolding so that the impact of the disruption is minimised.