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Posted on 06 Jul 2022 by

Janelle Donnelly

Enhance your pandemic response with Coo-e App

The COVID-19 global pandemic has made us acutely aware of how uncertain the business environment can be. Plans change, routines are disrupted and resources are stretched. A Harvard Business School professor spoke about leadership in the pandemic and how to best lead an organisation in a crisis. The answer is collaboration. The most effective way to work through a crisis or any significant period of uncertainty, together with your colleagues, advisors and business mentors to “out-collaborate” the crisis. By using tools that facilitate better communication within your organisation, you will be better placed to align thinking to achieve organisational cohesion. The Coo-e App is designed to allow better communication within your organisation. It is particularly beneficial for a de-centralised employee base such as remote or ‘working from home’ arrangements. All your employees can receive up to date, factual information with the touch of a button, on their mobile device. All of the important information will be found in the one place and employees will receive alerts through push notifications.