Keeping you in the loop!

Posted on 25 Jul 2021 by

Janelle Donnelly, Co-Founder Coo-e

Our business mentor DefendTex Australia, a model for innovation

Here at Coo-e we have been blessed to have the support of business mentors such as trailblazer Travis Reddy, CEO of DefendTex. Travis is an Australian entrepreneur and technologist who started his working life developing software for the law enforcement and retail industries. Software developed by Travis was sold to global corporations. For many years Travis served in the military as an Army Reservist. Travis blended his military knowledge with his interest in technology to found DefendTex in 2014. DefendTex is now poised to be as threatening to their competitors as their high tech weapons systems. 

Travis Reddy's advice to us at Coo-e has been that we need to solve a problem in a cost effective way. Coo-e is very clear about the problem it is solving - we are all missing important information because we are  drowning in a swamp of emails and tidal wave of social media posts. Coo-e solves this problem by elevating essential alerts and notices to the top of the pile through a simple push notification system uniquely tailored for organisations. This way the most important information that we need about incidents and event changes can pop up on the front of our mobile devices so we never miss the key alerts and reminders. The best part about Coo-e is that it is free for users.

Another one of DefendTex's goals is to protect the lives of Australian soldiers so that military personnel can return home safely to their families. There is no doubt this is a noble cause. Whilst Coo-e could never claim to bring home soldiers in the way that DefendTex does, it might be possible that we can save lives. If Coo-e can help give critical information to those who need it during a catastrophe , then who knows, maybe one day Coo-e could save lives too.