Keeping you in the loop!

Posted on 14 Jul 2017 by

Janelle Donnelly, Co-Founder Coo-e

Should we try to keep stakeholders happy?

Organisations are always looking at ways to get the most out of their stakeholder relationships. Good relationships with stakeholders improve customer and employee retention, build a strong reputation which can lead to a healthy balance sheet. But is the goal really to keep stakeholders happy?

Throughout my career working in stakeholder engagement including Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and in commercial ports, it is my belief that keeping stakeholders ‘happy’ is a futile endeavour. Not to say that some of your stakeholders could be happy however, given the range of divergent views and interests, it is far better to aim for ‘satisfied’ stakeholders. I admit this sounds vanilla, mediocre almost, but achieving a state of ‘satisfaction’ is far harder than it may seem, requiring a series of complex processes. Firstly, the organisation needs to understand their stakeholders, where their interests converge and how the actions of the organisation impact those stakeholders. There might have been engagement with those stakeholders on some level which has in turn influenced the decisions and direction of the organisation. Ultimately, the ability for stakeholders to be heard builds the essential ingredient in the relationship…..respect.

At Coo-e we like to think that providing timely information to stakeholders, particularly as an incident is unfolding, or in circumstances which have led to a sudden change in plans, is another essential ingredient in the relationship. Satisfaction can come from knowing that stakeholders have all the information they need and can then respond accordingly.

Using Coo-e’s simple push notification service, organisations can send out the essential alerts which can keep the stakeholders in the loop. The alert might be that an event is rained out, or a meeting point has moved location, or a building needs to be evacuated. The Coo-e mobile phone app is a tool that can lead to keeping your stakeholders satisfied and your organisation on track.