Keeping you in the loop!

Posted on 04 Aug 2021 by

Janelle Donnelly, Co-Founder Coo-e

Why should Coo-e be a tab at the top?

Your stakeholders have high expectations about understanding crucial events that affect them. It is hard to get your message to your stakeholders especially as email and social media is cluttered with information. It is almost as futile as putting a paper notice on a board. Now you can send that important notice to the face of a mobile phone through our simple and effective push notification app.

Coo-e lets organisations send simple push notifications to your audience for urgent notices, event changes and incidents to cut through the noise, so that everyone can keep informed about important information as it comes to hand.

You don't need to manage the contact information of your stakeholders as they opt-into the service.

You can even track who has received the message. Well informed stakeholders will be happy stakeholders, freeing up your time to get one with running your organisation.